Tibetan Sages Guide To Perfect Life. Very Smart List

Mental & Physical health

Learn From Tibetan Sages. The Smartest List Of Life

  1. Like – say.
  2. Do not like it – tell.
  3. Do you miss someone – call.
  4. It is not clear – ask.
  5. Do you want to meet – invite.
  6. Do you want something – ask.
  7. Never argue.
  8. Do you want to be understood – explain.
  9. If your fault – confess and do not look for excuses.
  10. Always remember that everyone has their own truth, and it often does not coincide with yours.
  11. Do not communicate with bad people.
  12. The main thing in life – it’s love, everything else is vanity.
  13. Human problems are only in his head.
  14. Your encirclement is not evil or good, they don’t exist because of you.
  15. Try to find pleasure from each event.
  16. Always remember that you will not have another life.
  17. Do not be boring.
  18. Remember that you owe nothing to nobody.
  19. Remember that nobody owes you.
  20. Do not regret the time and money to enjoy the world of knowledge.
  21. Always count only on yourselves.
  22. Trust your instincts.
  23. With women (indeed, with men), as well as with children, be patient and a little indulgent.
  24. If you have a bad mood, think that when you die, then even that will not happen.
  25. Live today, because yesterday no longer exists, and tomorrow may not be.
  26. Know that today – this is the best day.

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