The worst EVERYDAY WORDS that DESTROY US, we do not notice! Learn To Change It!

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There is a law of gravitation, electricity and other laws of physics. Most of them do not understand. There are spiritual laws, such as the law of karma – cause and effect: what you give, it is returned. There is also a law of the mind. I do not know how it works, perhaps similar to the law on electricity. I do not know how generated electricity, but I know that when I press the switch – the light turns on.The words we use affect us a lot! Find OUT how!

I believe thought, spoken word or sentence out of us according to the law of the mind and come back to us as an experience. That’s why we begin to study the relationship between mental and physical. We begin to understand how the mind works and how our thoughts are creative. Speed on our thinking is big, and that’s why is so hard to design them. Opposite out mouth is slow. Well, if we do “edit” our speech that we will listen to what we say not allowing thereby to say negative things, we can begin to formulate our thoughts.

Words Power

There is a tremendous power of the spoken word, and many of us are not aware of it. Let’s review the word as the foundation of what we’re constantly developing in life. All the time we use the word, but we are rarely aware of what we spoke or pronounce words. We pay little attention to the choice of words. In fact, many of us talk about negatives.

As children, we were taught grammar. We learned select words according to grammatical rules. Grammar rules are constantly changing, so it was not good at one time, becomes well in another. What was once slang, is now generally accepted, or vice versa. However, grammar is not paying attention to the meaning of words and the way they affect our lives.

Early Learning

At school, however, did not learn that my choice of words affects the experience of my life. No one taught thoughts are creative and they can literally shape my life. They did not teach me that we are what give shaped into words, returns designed to experience. The purpose of the golden rule was to show us the fundamental law of life: “Do unto others what you want to do yourself.” Whatever you gave, it comes back to you! Nobody ever taught that I am worthy of love and to be of good. I have not taught me that life is here to support me.

I remember that we had as children called the ugly and cruel names and tried to belittle each other. Why did we? Where have we learned this behavior? Let’s see what we have learned. Many of us parents have often repeated that we are lazy, stupid or fools. We were a nuisance, not good enough. Sometimes we hear what they say: “If only she had never been born!” We may have succumbed heard those words, but certainly, we did not know how deep the pain in us nest.

Change the internal dialogue

Too often we accept early messages of their parents. We heard: “Eat your spinach”, “Clean room”, “Clean bed”, all that we would like. We have adopted the idea that we are accepted only if you do things that they love and acceptance conditional. But that was by other people’s standards of value and had nothing to do with our inner sense of self-worth. We have accepted the idea that we can only exist if we do something to please others or do not have permission to exist.

These early messages contribute to what we call internal dialogue: the way we talk to ourselves. It is very important the way you talk to yourself because it is the foundation of the spoken word. It establishes a contemplative atmosphere in which we operate and that attracts experiences in our lives. If you underestimate, this will be our life. If you love and respect, life can be a wonderful and joyful gift.


If our life is miserable, or we are unhappy, it is easiest to blame the parents or others and say that it is because of them. If we do that, we’re stuck in these conditions, problems or dissatisfaction. Words blaming not bring us freedom. Remember: there is the power of our words. Our power comes from taking responsibility for our lives. I can’t be responsible for his own life sounds scary, but we are really responsible, regardless of whether we accept it or not. If we want to be responsible for life, we must be responsible for what we say. The words and phrases that we say are an extension of our thoughts.

Start listening to what you say. If you hear that you use restrictive or negative words, change them. If you hear a negative story – I do not go around retelling is. I think that is far arrived and I do not think more about it. But if I hear a positive story – everyone apologizes.

Dangerous words

In the society, you hear what people say and how they say it. Can you link what you are saying about their life experiences? A very large number of people live life in the “ought”. My ears are very sensitive to the “ought to” immediately hear an alarm bell. Often in an expression, I hear a dozen “I should.” These same people wonder what their lives are so difficult or why they can’t get out of certain situations. Eager to control the things you can’t control. They blame either themselves or others, and then wonder how come you do not live freely.

Change the way you speak

We can also remove the word “I have to” from our dictionaries or opinions. When we do that we will free up a large part of the burden which we have to impose. We create enormous pressure, saying: “I have to go to work. I have this … I have it … I have to … “Let’s say I choose instead.” I choose to go to work because it now allows you to pay the rent. “I choose to open a new variety of possibilities in our lives. Everything we do is a choice, even when it seems that this is not so (if not physically blackmailed or forced).

Many of us also use “or”. We say something, but we throw and we have two opposing views. We give ourselves conflicting messages. Hear yourself the next time you use or. “Do not forget” word we also need. We are used to saying:

“Do not forget this or that …” And what happens? Actually, we want to remember and forget, but we do, so remember to use instead word remember.

How to start the day?

When you wake up, you curse the fact that you have to work? Do you complain about your time? Whining to you that you have a headache or maybe back? What then think or say? I yell at the children to stand? Most people speak the same or similar to each morning. How, with what you said, starting your day? Is it a positive, joyful and happy? Or maybe condemning and cursing? If you object, complain, you are unhappy, do not prepare for that day?

Your thoughts before sleep? Is it powerful, healing thoughts, or are poor thoughts, concerns? When I say poor mind, I do not mean just the lack of money, but also in a negative way of thinking with regard to anything in your life, that is, with any part of your life that do not flow freely. Are you concerned about tomorrow?

Tomorrow is a new day

Tomorrow – What will be? I usually read something positive before sleep. I am aware that during sleep takes the cleaning process, which prepares me for the next day. I noticed that we benefit greatly when their problems or concerns before a substance. I know that my dreams help and everything that happens in my life.

Actually, I am the only person who can think in his mind, just as you do in your mind. No one can force you to think differently. We choose our thoughts, and they are the foundation of the internal dialogue. When I experienced how this process works better in my life, I began to live closer to what I teach. I kept watching your thoughts and words and the way you forgave that I’m not perfect. Allowed himself to be me, and I’m not trying to be some kind of super person, which can be accepted only in other people’s eyes.

Every time I review my life and the first time he experienced such a friendly place, mood myself. My humor became ridiculous, not pungent. I worked on it to stop to criticize myself and other people.

Black thought

In time I also stopped to recount the story of an unhappy story. Rarely we’re ready to spread bad news. Surprising, isn’t? I stopped reading newspapers and listening to the evening news because they speak only of disasters, violence, and the good news is scarce. I noticed that many people do not want to hear the good news, but, on the contrary, they love bad news because both have the option of complaining. Too many of us a large number of recycled bad news as long as we do not believe that in the world there is evil. Until recently, one radio – stations broadcast only good news, but it failed!

Ones I was depression and I decided to stop gossiping and, to my surprise, I discovered that don’t have a talk with others. I became aware of the fact that every time you meet friends talks about the latest bad events. Luckily, I found a different way of talking, although it was not easy to give up old habits. But, if I gossip others, then others probably gossip about me, because what we give, it comes back.

Listen well …

Working with people allowed me to listen to them more and more. I really hear what they say. Usually, after only ten minutes of listening could tell why my client has a problem because I heard the words used. I could understand it because of the way he talks. I knew that his words contribute to his problem. If you speak negative – can you imagine what his internal dialogue? This is probably the result of this type of negative programming – which I call a poor opinion.

Suggested exercise: put the recorder, recorder next to phones and phone and record your conversation. After listen to all your speech. You’ll probably be surprised. You will hear that the words you speak, but the intonation of which you speak. Observe and write word or phrase that you used three or more times because it’s your model. Some of the models of positive and supportive, but some of them you repeat again, and again, and again … it is negative.

From the perfect book by Louise Hay 


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