Sleeping In A Cold Room In Winter Is Healthier. Find Out Why?

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Sleeping in a cold room metabolism and increases levels of brown adipose tissue in the body.

Sleep is extremely important for good health, as we all know. Colder bedrooms could subtly transform your brown fat (considered good fat) in a higher power and metabolism, even during the day. Until recently, scientists believed that adults have brown fat, but over the last few years found is very small and meager amount, the size of a teaspoon in the neck and upper back for many adults. This is very important as brown fat, unlike the known white fat is metabolically active. Experiments with mice have shown that it is necessary that the sugar kicked out from the bloodstream to get started to burn calories and maintain internal body temperature.

Sleeping in a cold room greatly helps our health. It seems that the northerners are right when they start opening luxury hotel made of ice.

Research study

A similar process takes place in humans. The new study investigates the impact of climate-controlled rooms where sleeping five young men volunteer for several months. The young men of the day lived their standard lives, but in the evening they went to sleep in the institute. All meals, including lunch they were secured in order to maintain the proper calorie intake. They slept under ventilate lightweight sheets. During the first month, researchers are keeping the room temperature 24˚. Holding that the neutral temperature will stimulate the body’s reaction. Next month, room temperature reduced to 19˚.

Researchers thought that the small frames stimulate brown adipose tissue (but not to cause shivering, which is the standard reaction at lower temperatures). Next month, room temperature is again returned to 24˚, to abolish all the effects of the cold room. At the end of last month, the temperature increased to 27˚. During the experiment, blood sugar, insulin levels, and daily caloric intake is monitored, also after each month the amount of brown fat was measured.

In order to create a healthy brown fat requires proper functioning of the endocrine system and proper nutrition. On the left, you see the places that create brown fat, on the right side of the image are placed with unwanted white or bad fat.

How Cold Create Brown Fat Tissue

Cold temperature, the research shows, changed their bodies considerably. What is most surprising, after several weeks of sleep at a temperature of 19˚, men are almost twice increased the volume of their brown fat. Their insulin sensitivity, which is affected by changes in the blood sugar, to improve. Changes are slightly improved but this change is significant, said Francesco S. Celi, a researcher, and professor at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Brown fat or good fat is one of the most important factors of our metabolic system if properly stored and if we sleep in the colder areas. Brown fat or good fat is one of the most important factors of our metabolic system if properly stored and if we sleep in the colder areas.

Great Effect

These are all healthy young men. They were sleeping in a cooler room to get the metabolic benefits over others, which could eventually reduce their risk for diabetes and other metabolic problems. They also spent a few calories while sleeping in a cold room (though not so much that it would result in weight loss for those few months). Metabolic improvements were canceled after a few weeks of sleeping at a temperature of 27˚, in fact, the conclusion is that the young men had even less than in the first scanning.

Health Benefits

The message of these studies, as Celi, says: To strongly encourage your metabolism to drop a few degrees of temperature in their bedrooms. My room temperature and also the temperature in my office has another benefit – shorter meetings. It is obvious that reducing the temperature of our environment improves certain mechanisms that are so far not a lot has been written and discussed. Sleeping in a cold room or shower with cold water creates a constant increase in the internal temperature of the body. This contributes to the strengthening of our immune system and accelerates metabolism especially in moments when we relax (sleeping or showering and swimming). How cold shower it is important for our mental and physical health, we wrote here, even in the fight against seemingly incurable diseases such as Ebola.

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