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The healing power of prayer is known since time immemorial. We all know the feeling of peace and tranquility after a visit to the church or lighting candles for the health of our loved ones. Recently, scientists have dealt with this phenomenon, and the results that were obtained are likely to make to think about it even the most demanding atheists. The same issue from different aspects dealt with both the East and the West, and the conclusion is the same: prayer heals.
Scientists from North Carolina called several monks, sisters, and priests of various religious communities to pray for the 700 patients who suffered from various disadvantages. A few days doctors have recorded the patient’s condition and when the experiment was completed, they send the notes to the experts. Professor Mitchell Krušof announced the following results: at 500 patients, thanks to the prayers, the pace of healing increased by 93 percent!

– I do not know the real reason. No, I can assume that the heart has a beneficial effect on the concentration of the divine word – as a priest, as well as patients themselves. It is known that the man who prays or who I pray fully focused on communication with the Almighty, and probably leads to normalization of many processes in the body, which has yet to examine – explains Krušof.

The power of God’s word

Russians have gone even further, which is a reputable report “Komsomolskaya Pravda”: it has been proven that prayer kills harmful bacteria not only in the human body but also in the water. Angelina Malahovskaja, an electro-physics engineer from St. Petersburg, a member of association “Orthodox scholars of Russia”, for ten years studied traits, at first glance, unscientific phenomenon: the power of the cross, the word of God and the healing properties of holy water. And here’s what she says:

– I checked the effect of the “Our Father” and the Orthodox cross on pathogenic bacteria. To study the samples of water from wells, rivers, and lakes in which there a presence of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus. I was shown that if the water is above the obvious “Our Father” and folded cross, reduces the number of harmful bacteria almost a hundred times!

Mind out of the body

For the latest proof of the power of prayer is credited to the boss of the Neuro and Psychophysiology Laboratory of the Institute of psycho-neurology “V. M. Behterev “in St. Petersburg, Professor Valery Slevin.

– Many psychiatrists and neurologists have known from the rational point of view difficult to explain the phenomenon that after prayer, patients feel facilitates in much mental disorder, and patients who are considered incurable, sometimes heal.

What was the experiment? Called the Orthodox and Catholic priests, followers of Islam, Zen Buddhist and Indian masters of meditation. They all were concentrated pray, and during a prayer were recorded by electroencephalography (EEG), which allows monitoring of processes occurring in the brain. I came to the interesting data – discovered a new state of consciousness, “working” title – the vigilance of prayer.

– In this state, the brain is practically off: interrupts the active-contemplative activity and it seems to me, though I can not prove – that the mind begins to be located outside the body.

Back to childhood

In order to reach these conclusions? Namely, in the waking state normal adult human brain frequency pulses are in the range of 9 to 10 hertz, which is in the domain of alpha and beta waves. However, when respondents were immersed in prayer, it happened slowing the frequency at all – only 3 hertz! These frequencies are called “delta waves”, and in adults occur only in a state of profound dreamless sleep. And in the waking state this condition is specific only for baby. It is interesting that certain frequencies in the delta range “trigger” the secretion of growth hormone, which is especially important for the regeneration of the body and the healing process.

Some tested encephalographic was the complete absence of alpha and beta waves, which would mean that those people in some way – back to childhood. To emphasize – this unusual phenomenon neurophysiological detected is completely independent of that prayer read – Orthodox, Catholic or Muslim.

– We believe that during prayers tear pathological connections between the neurons of the brain because a person stops to think about the disease. Sometimes this leads to a full recovery of the terminally ill. Science has known cases of the miraculous healing of cancer patients, but it requires more detailed study. But, certainly, we should pray and believe with the heart, or the healing effect will not be – concludes Slevin.

“More things are wrought by prayer Than this world dreams of.”                          

(Alfred, Lord Tennyson; from Morte d’Arthur)

“Faith can move mountains.”              

 (The Bible; paraphrased from Matthew 21:21)

Divine chanting calm and psycho

A physician Igor Brain states: – My colleagues have long been experimentally established that uttering the prayer helps people who suffer from high blood pressure and diabetes: a few minutes lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood and normalize your metabolism. Prayer is especially useful for those who fall into a deep depression and suffering from manic-depressive psychosis. Not at all: the more it is a disease more severe, the more people often turns to God. Suppose it is known study from California when the scientists examined more than 400 patients suffering from schizophrenia, severe depression, and certain other psychiatric disorders. I have concluded that 80 percent of respondents turning to religion, which helps them to overcome despair, performances aggressive or paid.

Win Fear!

Psychotherapist Georgy Pagoda believes that all diseases originate – from fear:

– The famous French explorer Alen Bombard proved that shipwrecked do not die because they have any food and water, but – fear. Bomber almost two months traveling the ocean raft, without food and water, and survived thanks to the fact that he overcame the fear. For the same reason, among people suffering from incurable cancer stage – believers live five years longer than atheists. Those prayers eliminate fears, feeling that the world is mortal, temporary, realize the true value, calm and, consequently, increases immunity.

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