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Carry The One Who Never Leave You, Not The One Who Come Back After!

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The one

Someone who is not afraid of difficulties and the fact how much you love him. I have often thought about the people who return after decided to leave. I waited for the day when they will come back and realize they were wrong, and that life is meaningless without me. But then I realized that it is better – a man who never goes away. This is the one.

The one who never goes away, when there are difficulties, who never goes away, even though dozens of other people trying to get his attention. Anyone who chooses to be with you every day.

You deserve someone

who never leave you. When you tell him that for which you are ashamed when life comes a dark preiod, when you feel tired and lost of all, when you doubt yourself and your abilities. When you tell him that you do not like in yourself that you hate in your past. You deserve someone who does not go away, no matter how hard it became.

You deserve someone

Who does not go away when you tell him how much you love him, how desperately you want to make him happy, and what an incredible feeling it causes in you. As far as he is special, you want to spend the rest of my life with him, falling asleep in his arms.

You deserve someone

who is, no matter how fervently showed their love and no matter how bravely showed his emotions. You deserve someone who is not afraid, as you like it.

You deserve someone

who does not go away, even if he found a better job and started earning more. Someone who does not go away when he went things up when he can get everything, but still chooses you, he does not even want to consider other options to compare, because he knows that he has the best – you . You deserve someone who makes you believe that there are people who do not go away.


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