People Don’t Notice They Are Suffering And Dying So Stupidly! Food Rules

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The Culture Of Slow Death.

To get real benefits from our chosen style of food, it is necessary to have an elementary culture of nutrition. If we start from primitive notions and habits, such as: “buy something, quickly cook, set up, and eat” then we’re so wrong.

In the body, is stocked a certain volume of endurance, which is not unlimited, so you still need to think about it. While it is a way of life for centuries was unchanged, there was a culture of nutrition and transmitted normally from generation to generation. And when civilizations went through technical development, a way of life suddenly changed.  The transfer of experience stopped. In such conditions, the culture of nutrition, not only to get lost but also mutilate – degrades under the influence of factors that have nothing to do with nutrition, such as, for example, chemical processing … and advertising.

What to do with it?

If peoples do not want to know what and how you feed, they are ready for hospital, or directly to the cemetery. In real terms, that is exactly so. To rely on experience and common sense of mankind has already become impossible. The Point of no return seems to have begun.

Since humanity has crossed the white flour, margarine, and artificial yeast, common sense does not work. Margarine, as a purely synthetic product, blurs awareness. A yeast as a foreign life form (essentially, a monster), is mounted in the body and controls the consciousness, so in order to feed precisely the fact that it takes a monster to eat.

Clarification White flour

brought cooking to the absurd. Something valuable in the grain is the germ and outer membrane. White flour is obtained by cleaning the wheat from the membrane and calls. Thus, all worth was removed and left only the dead part, consisting primarily of starch. The liver becomes clogged mass similar to fuel oils, starch is deposited in the body in the form of mucus, the walls of the digestive tract to cover deposits.


and spreads (trans fats) are made from refined vegetable oils another pressing, which is produced with the use of chemical solvents. Refined oil, warm and then hydrogenated, letting through it hydrogen. As a result, we get a mixture of isomers unknown in nature, which has the consistency of soft modeling clay, offensive smell, and color. To this “product” supplied commodity quality, adds his loads of all kinds of chemicals. Trans fats are very toxic and have the capacity to accumulate in the body. They causing a series of dangerous diseases: stress, atherosclerosis, heart disease, cancer, obesity, sickly children, weakened immunity, low potency, etc.

What is harmful artificial yeast:

These are the essences by the unfamiliar organism – fungi. Imagine in your body living fungi. The same living fungi in the baking die and their spores. They have the ability to penetrate into the bloodstream, and that means in every organ.In the process of their life activities secrete mycotoxins. When they enter the body, they begin to adapt to the whole environment itself. Symbiotic (healthy) microflora is destroyed a pathogen flourishes. The body becomes easily accessible to foreign bacteria and viruses. Create ideal conditions for cancer cells to develop.

You can’t trust humanity in terms of food.

If human flock mass produces and consumes what it kills, it is clear that he can’t be trusted. Can you trust a junkie, for example?

People do not notice they are suffering and dying stupid, because of the lack of basic food culture. From the moment when they appeared in the diet of three main components. Those are white flour, margarine, yeast – the culture is finished and the matrix began.

The transition from the traditional to the raw diet does not indicate any progress in the culture of food, if not respect basic principles. Consider that the principles damaging.

The first diet should be stable, unchanging.

Kitchen (products and ways to prepare them) should be Kitchen (products and ways to prepare them) should be stable and constant. We don’t need to change our national cuisine to another so quickly. This is mainly because of intestinal microflora, which is adapted for the welding of one or more foods. It is slowly being restored, adaptation can take months.

Therefore, each transition should be smooth, gradual. If we talk about the transition to a raw diet, there are even more should not rush, because it added another factor – intense cleansing. So, in modern conditions, especially young people, it is better to not adjust for months, for years.

The second diet should be maximally diverse.

At the same time, food must be as simple is possible, consisting of similar ingredients. It is better to eat more than once in a day. Do not mix too many nutrients. Diversity is necessary only in a general range. Only fruits and vegetables – this is a very low-calorie diet. If you are asked to eat something sweet, it means that the body is missing something. For example, the brain consumes more than a quarter of the energy of the body, for his work required is lecithin. The chocolate is lecithin, but not in fruits and vegetables. But why overeat chocolate, if legumes have enough lecithin?

Food should represent satisfaction.

The human brain is so constituted that it receives satisfaction. If there is no satisfaction, serotonin is not produced, and then people are not happy. When there’s no satisfaction, the brain will look for, in this case, and the artificial stimulants. Food is one of the main pleasures, it must be delicious. If that’s what you eat, it is useful, but tasteless always will be looking for something unnecessary that is tasty. We continue with something tasty until the brain gets her portion of satisfaction. Raw food is important but is not delicious for everybody.

Artificial stimulants and relaxants excluded.

The payment will still go with interest. From artificial, you always get less good than harm. The loan example: In the beginning, it is easier and then gets worse. Depression and panic attacks – are diseases of the new generations. They are not caused by anything other than the chemical components in products. Chemistry always causes an altered state of consciousness, to a greater or lesser extent. Another cause is intoxication, despite the fact that the toxins “packed in barrels.” Do not pack all. And if left the untreated result of their cause, the situation is only getting worse.

One can ask the question: what is artificial in coffee and chocolate? If your body is clean, and use natural products, then probably nothing if used in moderation. This is big business, all plantations abundantly watered chemistry, not to mention what it all added to the final product. The damage is not the caffeine but in the subsequent chemistry. Actually the best and safest stimulant is wild raw cocoa beans. You can only chew, can be made out of cocoa or chocolate candy. The effect can be felt immediately, and without consequence.

The main principle: products should be natural.

This means no GMO, yeast, chemicals, synthetics. In supermarkets, it can barely collect 1-5% of what may fall in natural products. (Though, the reality changes and progress is already there.)  The product that is “sealed and buried” in the long life, can’t be considered natural.

Additives camouflage “identical to natural” are also synthetic, no matter how masked. Use in food “long-term” fruit and vegetables from the supermarket, is madness. For the body, there is nothing worse than synthetic (artificial synthesized) toxins.

The nature of the course of billions of years of evolution has provided everything else.If the body could talk, he’d say, you can make me starve, torture excessive physical exertion, throw me in the heat or cold, can we emit blood, I can be, torture, and even cut, I will bear all … but if you’re poisoned, you fool, and you and I will be bad, very bad, just all be the very bad end.

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