Partner Selection Based On 7 Levels! Is Passion Your Choice?

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The shamans are very smart. They mention that every person chooses his partners at one of 7 levels.

First Primitive Level – Survival

Someone with whom we can maintain the existence and safety of the family. Until this level down, many couples who have lost love, passion, and interest in each other, but live together for the sake of children.

Second level – A passion.

That partner may be any one we want to make love with.

Third level – In common.

It’s not just the person with whom we like to make love, but the one with whom we have common interests, values, or material gain.

The fourth level – Feeling.

This is a couple who are on call of the heart, or, as they say, out of love. Many people believe that this is the limit of the relationship, but it is not.

Fifth level – Co-Expression.

It is a relationship in which people not only love each other but may engage in joint activities or creativity.

Sixth level – Development.

This choice of the person with whom you along the way. Each of us has his own way of life and the task.
Human choice deciding similar problem with you greatly facilitates the development of life lessons.

Seventh – The spiritual.

This union of two people close in spirit. Such pairs – one.
As the old adage – no enemies, no friends, there are teachers. When relationships are open all the lessons happened on our way, marks the heart of the incredible love and gratitude to all partners in the game called life.

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