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Never Thought That Jojoba Oil It A Strong And Amazing Moisturiser

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Jojoba As A Plant

Јojoba is an American shrub Simmondsia Chinensis that grows alone in arid regions of the United States. It is a wild plant that according to the benefits, many people are planting specifically Jojoba for seeds. Native American tribes from ancient times they cherished and used this shrub, called Jojoba Nut. Sometimes in times of famine, they used as food to survive. But undoubtedly in their own time, they used jojoba nut for nourishing skin and hair. Walnut jojoba oil contains 50% wax which is similar to the resemble human sebum (sebaceous glands). It’s a real balm for the dry and dehydrated skin.

Jojoba Oil has golden color with a slight odor, which completely lost during processing. This oil has a complete application in almost every cosmetic tool because it easily replaces missing natural human sebum.Use all over your body after bath. It will protect you from harmful atmospheric conditions and will retain moisture on your skin and hair. For deep hydration, heat the oil slightly and use circular massage movements. Completely absorbed into your skin without leaving oily traces.

Warning. Frequent washing with soap and chemical supply to clean your skin is also a result of drying of the skin of human.

Jojoba Treatment

Believe, jojoba oil treatment for dry skin is granted but oily skin and hair also. Why? This is not a dry treatment only, it’s normalizing treatment for modulating the natural secretion of sebum on the skin. Human Gland recognizes natural wax with oil which reduces their excretion.
Anti – inflammatory effects of jojoba are huge. People use this oil for problem skin like acne, seborrhea, atopic dermatitis. Instantly soothes irritated skin and reduces any inflammation, redness etc. Deep clean pores and releases the skin safely filtered. Believe that sometimes this natural oil control acne in time for young people. Always use pure jojoba oil, cold processed, without preservatives or additives. Natural cold processed jojoba oil contains vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin E.

Multiple Daily Uses

This oil combined with tea tree oil is a wonderful treatment for problematic skin with acne. Excellent lip balm, because of its waxy composition, it has the capacity of natural Vaseline. Just left buying lip balm to buy preparing your own. Jus use a little jojoba oil by mixing with pure wax. Carry it with you and have perfect lips always. Use equal amounts of the two ingredients. Example 10 ml jojoba oil with 10 grams of pure wax. Melt the wax and remove from heat. While lukewarm add jojoba oil. Add more ylang-ylang essential oil or carrier oil like coconut oil to reach your perfect odor. Place in a small jar from old balm or lipstick. Cool and set in your bag.

Dry cuticles or hands are a regular situation in summer which results of repeated washing of hands and cold during the winter. It is enough to soften hands in warm or hot water. Then apply jojoba oil. The effect is wonderful. Do not forget jojoba oil is rich in antioxidants. Vitamin E in Jojoba oil has an anti-inflammatory effect. Also known as a bacteria protector. Any infection of the cuticle or hand you can treat it with jojoba oil.
One drop is enough to calm down the inflammatory process. Do not doubt that it will do the same for your cracked feet. After a warm bath, you can treat the whole body. But hands and feet are good to soften slightly at least 30 minutes in hot water.

Treating Sunburn

This oil is widely used in treating sunburn. Any exposure to UV rays, the skin suffers from burns and dehydrates. Sunburn is actually skin damage which skin remember and cause serious skin condition later.  Burns can occur due to inflammation of the skin and also allergic reaction accompanied by itching. Vitamin E and vitamin B complex help improve damaged skin and accelerates the regeneration of cells and rebuild the top layer of skin.


Jojoba oil can freely use because:

  • Nourishes and restores the skin giving it a silky structure and appearance,
  • Enhances the natural shine and appearance of the skin, it works fresh and full of energy,
  • Jojoba oil never leaves oil traces on your skin because of the hydrated effect in combination with the skin,
  • Regulating the production of natural human sebum on the skin,
  • Helps prevent wrinkles and signs of aging and scars,
  • Uses for antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action for the treatment of acne,
  • Rich in vitamins A, D, E, vitamin B complex, iodine, zinc, minerals etc.

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