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How to stop absorbing someone else’s negativity

Bad mood and pessimism are “contagious” How to learn to resist it? How to stop absorbing some people’s negativity. Emotions, especially such as fear, anger, frustration, shock – it’s all an “energy”. And you always can “catch” the negative energy spread by other people. Even without realizing it.

All the people – it is an emotional sponge, but the degree of “absorbing” is different. Some can swim freely in the crowd and the mass of negative without feeling much discomfort. And some of this disorder can result in suicide.

Empathy – that’s about what we say.

Some people with their panic attacks “infect” you destroy your life, but you never realize how serious damage is his reaction, that reflect on you later. People inhale negativity from all around without notice the invisible bad energy.

 From the energy point of view, negative emotions can have the following reasons:

You may feel the pain of others as their own.

General” problems become personally yours.

In these cases, empathy, especially in combination with impotence can cause severe depression.

Stop to absorb other people’s emotions. Here are the instructions.

Determine how much you affect empathy

Here are some typical signs that you are an empathizer.

– People call you a “hi-sensitive” or “too much sensitive.” They do not know that this is not a compliment and not a solution.

– Do you feel fear, anxiety, and stress transmitted by other people? You literally physically feel it.

In itself, this ability – it’s not bad, but you have to minimize the impact on people who you do not like or you do not know. Try to communicate only with your friends, colleagues and family members.

– You get tired in the crowd. It takes several hours of partying, and in your heart you feel exhausted, miserable and exhausted.

– Noise, odors, and the need to constantly chatter seriously undermine your nerves. – To recharge your batteries, you have to stay in a state of complete rest.

– Are you constantly contemplate that worried.

You are trying to make sense of any experience, to analyze every situation on the shelves. Your feelings are easily hurt, but you avoid conflicts.

– You – “generous” conversationalist and a good listener.

– You are constantly straining to drive somewhere or something to carry.

– Sex can sometimes frighten you so much that you will feel the attacks of breathlessness and loss of self.

Look for a source of restlessness.

Ask yourself what you feel? – this is your emotions or other people? Where did this emotion come from? Fear and anger never born in the minds of empathy, but they are good buddies. Try to determine where and in whom there is a generator of your anxiety. Perhaps on this TV crew did a good job.

– You have just watched a comedy at the cinema and staying in good spirits.

– Suddenly you meet with someone from friends or family members inhibit- and the whole mood evaporates. Since this happened you? And could this happen?

– The same thing you feel when you go to the mall or a concert. Crowded place inhibit you? Maybe all this is because you absorb a negative emotion of other people in the crowd.

Avoid the source of anxiety no matter what.

Try to start to talk with unpleasant for you people with farther distances than usual. Step back, stay away. This trick really works. Do not be afraid to hurt someone. Do not be afraid to change seats on the subway to another place, if there crouched type-skunk. If you are sitting next to the sad people, don’t let them infect you. Stand up and walk.

In any unclear situation – concentrate on breathing.

Breathing – this is what connects your brain to your essence. Concentrate on your breathing a few minutes. Inhale and exhale negativity of mind. This will help you to realize itself in time and space, clear your head from fear and other difficult emotions. Imagine the negative as a gray mist rising out of your body. And breaths, imagine getting to have a ray of golden light. This is a simple practice that can give quick results.

Use a shield.

You can use invented before us convenient form of protection. Every time when you are in a society of heavy and unpleasant people, mentally imagine yourself hanging in the air a white envelope. Color, in principle, can be anything – as long as you feel that it gives you strength. Think of it as an envelope on the board, which reflects all the negative and discomfort. Allow yourself to take from the environment only positive.

emotionsManage the emotional overload.

Learn to recognize people from other sucking energy. Avoid them. In the crowd of strangers occupy marginal places. Avoid communicating with “emotional vampires”. And yet, if possible, eat. Harmful food rich in sugar will help you to get together and relax. Make sure that any company you do not depend on other people. Leave the money in a taxi, in order not to be tied to him from whom it they are. Make sure that you can at any time easily get home. This will give you confidence. You will also need a place in the house – the one in which you are given some time alone. This can be a reading area or a desk with a computer.

Look for positive people and positive situations

Call a friend, with whom you enjoy spending time. Go to the bar with a colleague with whom interesting to talk to the smoking room and at dinner. Soak up their positivity and confidence.

Hope is contagious, too. And it itself is uplifting. Be compassionate not only to others but also to himself. Stay sensitive, but avoid stressful situations.

Get out of nature – even alone.

You must have your favorite places where you eat with positive energy. It is better if they are in nature. Know where you need to call in an hour or two to rest and recharge the batteries. Let this be a promenade, a park, a forest outside the city or lake.

Keep your home and on the “desktop” display views of lush forests, waterfalls, wild beaches. Somehow try to call in the morning to the woods in the suburbs. Feel the mist, the dew, those smells.

Practice yoga or other breathing techniques. You must be some emotional center, which you would have run in a safe harbor when in a storm outside.

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