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Natural Sedative And Paradentosis Natural Treatment – Laurel Leaf Oil ( Bay Leaf)

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Essential oil of Laurel leaf – unique composition.

Laurel leaf oil rich in chemicals contained in almost every essential oil. People use for digestive problems a long time ago. And that’s not all. A list of disease is treated with this perfect plant. Headaches, Migraines are treated because of the analgesic effect.

The plants and herbal essential oils are used to treat stress, depression, and anxiety. Massage your muscle, lymph glands with laurel leaf oil and you’ll feel instant mind relieve. There many results of treating arthritis, muscular pain, varicose veins using Laurel leaf oil for massage.

Bay Leaf have beautiful flavor and fragrance that’s why people use as a therapeutic supplement. People who suffer from sinusitis or headaches can also practice inhalation with ¾ drops on boiled water. This treatment will discharge the mucus in your nose and solve the upper respiratory tract problems.

Freshness plant produces self-confidence, self-consciousness. It’s a happy fragrance. Can be used in your backyard to fight with insects. This is strong repellent for uninvited guests.

It’s used in cosmetics for crème, shampoo etc, but healing benefits are huge. Laurel Leaf Oil can be:


Any infringement caused by an unclean object and followed with blood should not be ignored. Iron rust can cause tetanus (which is presented as a very hard condition, take the entire nervous system, cause breath lost, convulsions). If bloody wounds are treated with this oil, every infection will instantly stop. Bacteria cannot grow from this antiseptic effect. Even pain will go away.


This is the safe and proven choice to avoid antibiotics. Do not have side effects and help to prevent infections. Laurel Leaf Oil fight again biotic growth (microbes, fungi, bacteria). Always use prescribed doses. Heavy doses are not recommended.


Neuralgia is nerve disorder very painful and it leaves almost the entire accompanied by pain that spreads along the nerve in the oral zone (throat, ears, tonsils, nose etc). This essential oil helps a lot in this condition. His analgesic and astringent effects reduce the feeling of pain in the affected nerves. His astringent effects induce contraction in the blood vessels, making pressure on the cranial nerve, and give instant pain relieve.


Human diseases associated with spasm caused pain, diarrhea, cough, convulsions cause strong contractions in the upper and lower respiratory tract, muscles, creates pressure on the nerve endings and pressure vessels. This situation is alarming for human health, /because if not treated on time can be fatal. Strong cramps respiratory tract can lead to suffocation and death. This essential oil frees the body from convulsive conditions. Each contraction in the human body can be delayed or finally calmed down.


Laurel leaf ( bay leaf) oil had an analgesic effect. Any pain arising from colds, flu, infections, viruses can mitigate this beverage. Analgesics that we use for pain are dangerous, harmful to the heart, the digestive system. and nerves. With this oil at home is no need to use analgesics. Try it, you won’t lose anything but pain.

Aperitif .

That laurel leaf increases appetite and therefore very often used in cooking. Excessive stress, work, speeding the pace of life increasing the loss of appetite. Sometimes you’re too tired to have time for a meal and it gradually loses appetite. In this case, you will not be wrong if you rely on this natural herb with numerous benefits.


Creates contractions of tissues and muscles, which can have a benefit on problems with paradentosis. This oil seizes the gums to the teeth, it lost binds tissue. It helps neuralgia, prevent bleeding, / because that creates contractions of blood vessels. Also, laurel leaf oil strengthens hair roots (prevents hair loss).


Regulates excess oils that poured into the stomach or neutralize them. Excess fat in the abdomen increases gastric acid that can damage the inner lining of the stomach or the occurrence of gastritis and even stomach ulcer.


Effectively demonstrated and obstructed menstruation. Relieves pain associated with this problem and regulate the cycle.


Reduces body temperature and fever because of the sudorific effect. This oil causes sweating which automatically reduces body temperature. Purifies the body of toxins, excess salt, water, grease and facilitates the overall metabolic process.


The essential oil Bay leaf is quite an efficient weapon for insects. It is enough to coat gently around and enjoy the time intended for rest. Enter a few drops of spray mixed with water and you have the perfect tool against mosquitoes, ants, beetles in the home.


Bay leaf oil reduces pain, spasm and you can relax completely with his sedative action. Enough people recommended by a doctor used laurel leaf for epilepsy, hysteria, stress, anger, anxiety.


The food we consume metabolic using this oil decomposes more efficiently because it helps in the breakdown and easier absorption of nutrients. That’s how metabolic process nourishes easily from the stomach to the liver and intestines. The laurel leaf is also widely used in endocrine secretion in the hormonal system and enzymes. This energizes the nervous system allowing correct and not tense work. This procedure causes human activity increases. This essential oil positively affects the immune system and prevents the accumulation of harmful radicals. Bay leaf oil is used for rheumatic diseases, infections of the skin and hair, flu, sore muscles etc.

Attention. This could cause irritation of the mucous membranes and skin due to the growing presence of eugenol. It should be avoided in pregnancy.

What does this oil is widely used in improving the people’s health?

-Stops occurrence of ulcers, gum disease, toothaches.
-Protects against flu and infections
-Regenerates skin
-Reduces stress and tension which leads to spasm
-Stimulate physiological functions
-Reduces a cough and purifies secretion in the airways
-Painful and varicose veins are treated with this essential oil
-Stimulate and regenerate hair growth

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