Learn Your Kids How To Be Happy.

Mental & Physical health

The story of how children learn to be happy

One day, walking down the road a wise old man, examine the nature and admiring the bright colors of spring. Then he saw a man, who was carrying a huge load on his shoulders. It was noticeable how his knees are buckling. Is he happy?

– Why do you doom yourself to a hard work and suffering? – Asked the old man.

– I suffer for my grandchildren and the children were happy, – said the poor fellow. – My great-grandfather doomed himself to hard labor for the sake of his grandfather, his grandfather – for the sake of his father, his father – for me, and I will suffer for the sake of the happiness of my children.

– And someone in your family will be happy? – Ask the wise man?

– Not yet, but the children and grandchildren certainly will be happy! – Dreamily said the man.

Unfortunately, the illiterate man can not read, and the mole will never be able to teach an eagle! – Sighed the old wise man.

First, you need to learn to be happy only if you can teach kids happiness. This will be your most valuable gift.



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