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Kids In Home Prison! Who’s To Blame!

Mental & Physical health

Maximum security prisoners are guaranteed two hours in the open air. Half of children around the world spend out less than an hour. Research conducted in ten countries showed that one-third of children between 5 and 12 years old spend less than 30 minutes out of every day. On the other hand, the prisoners in the prison in Indiana believe that their time spent in the air highlight of the day. Then they can channel all their problems and frustrations and simply leave them out. Simply helps them stay calm. If they shortened that time, many say that it would be torture, but the guards commented that this could potentially be disastrous.

Even prisoners are shocked

Prisoners were shocked when they learned that children spend less than an hour in the open air. One of them even said that his one and only desire to again be to take your child to the park for a game of high-quality game play. Even more frightening is that there are data showing that one of the nine children has never stepped into the park. They didn’t go to the woods or on the beach for at least 12 months. Children today spend half times smaller in nature than it did their parents. That means creating a generation that is ,, asocial without imagination and inactive “.

Can you imagine that there is a child who has never built a sand castle or have a picnic in their own backyard?

A third of the children surveyed had never unsnapped in a mud! The worst may be that half of these children will rather choose to look at the screen than to play outside with friends. In addition, there is a risk that it will be, “asocial without imagination and inactive”. This trend could lead to our children being more prone to diseases. And physical, and mental. ,,When you spend time outdoors physically active you are, this is a lower risk of obesity. When our skin absorbs the sun, absorbing and vitamin D, which helps in a number of health problems. Scientific studies conducted over peers have shown that if you spend time outdoors reduces the risk of heart disease, osteoporosis and multiple sclerosis. Children with hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) concentrate better when you spend some time outside the home. And finally, the time spent in nature improves mood and reduces stress and anxiety.” If you and your children often say they are bored, we’ve saved a lot of suggestions on how to spend your leisure time as more creative with their family members.

kids in the mud

Improves language skills.

Outside, there are no limits, in their play children create their world and share it with their friends. In the free interaction with friends, children have a unique opportunity to explore the world and learn their thoughts and observations formulation.

Favorable impact on health.

Running, sunlight and fresh air have a favorable impact on children’s immunity.

Relieves stress.

Adults have breaks and vacations in order to solve the stress and improve productivity. And children need some exhaust valves in order to solve the negative energy which accumulates while sitting at a school desk.

Children learn how to resolve conflicts and to be placed in conflict situations.

Outside apply rules that establish children. Invent games, game rules, assign roles to each other, set limits to each other and learn to solidarity.

Develops social intelligence, understanding of group dynamics and social awareness.

Playing outside, children learn a lot about the social hierarchy. It will happen to them to make mistakes, but they will be members of the team to blame for this. Free game with no adult supervision will provide them with the opportunity to experiment with how function as part of a team or to fight for what they believe in.

Free Game stimulate inventiveness.

In free play, children have themselves to find ways to have fun. So far, the best incentive that will help them learn to enjoy the free time and to find a way to spend quality.

Favorable impact on the concentration.

Adults practice and have a variety of hobbies to renew working enthusiasm. And children need a break from school activities so that they can access them with renewed enthusiasm. Sunlight helps in the secretion of dopamine, a hormone that has a positive impact on temper and physical activity has a beneficial effect on sleep.

Outdoors playing for kids have a special moment in a children life.

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