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It Is All In Your Head – Read About Thoughts Power!

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Some people can heal themselves of all sorts of conditions (even incurable) without medicines or surgery — through generating positive thought only. After all, the power of belief is so powerful that drug companies routinely use covered treatment, placebo-controlled studies to test new drugs because people taking placebos (inert substances like bonbons), thinking they may be using a drug, often improve.

Take for granted the examples that prove the opposite.

  • Someone who dies very soon after he found out that he have incurable cancer. The results show that he did not have cancer.
  • Someone who suffer from long-term depression and believe that they take serious depression drugs, but she was part of the placebo group.

Participants who learn a model of self-transformation that combines the latest findings have been able to heal themselves of a lot of diseases. Very hard disease, Conditions like thyroid disease, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, rare degenerative,  Parkinson, brain tumors disappear in time only treated by self-transforming or self-brain repair. The situation is very clear pretty much and look like sounds too good to be true.

Is it a real change their state of being?

Actually not having the same thoughts, because they’ll lead to the same choices. If you do not change your thoughts you’re still had the same behaviors, which lead to the same situation, which produces the same emotions and feelings. (You could constantly remind yourself of who you think you are, and what is your future plan to change your healing trace). Are you going to live or die depends on you, and no one can change your moves?

It is a good news to start over or start changing our healing path. We can learn how to create new neural pathways and drive our new neural connections so that we can break the old habit of being our old selves, and start to renew our self.

These changes in our brains can then lead us to change our bodies state, thanks to the relatively new science of epigenetic, which change the idea that our genes are our future and it is our destiny. While you may indeed have a genetic tendency to develop diseases and conditions, but not always give chance to disease develop.

Mental renewal

The key is a technique called mental renewal, where you imagine the desired outcome in such a way that you make your inner thoughts more real than your environment. If you combine a clear intention of the new future you want with an elevated emotion as joy and gratitude, you can give your body a taste of this future experience in the present.

All possibilities are here in this present moment, so if you create thoughts that you want to change something, to choose a new future for yourself. Yes, you can change your DNA if you successfully use mental forces to renew the way you do.

You become a new person because both your brain and your body will no longer identify with your old you. And then you’ve become your own placebo. This amazing technique can work for anyone. Depend on how strong power you use to change yourself into new you. You don’t have to be a spiritual guru to make the seemingly impossible possible. Try it and see the difference!

Emotional Strategy

Positive thinking is a mental and emotional strategy that focuses on the bright and beautiful side of life and have positive results. Positive people have real influence for the environment. Anticipates happiness, health, and success, and believes that can solve any problem and hard situation.

This is not accepted by everybody. Small number consider it as nonsense. But a lot of them accept positive thinking as a fact and believe in its effectiveness. This subject is popular, as evidenced by the many books, lectures, and courses. People learn to find happiness everywhere, with everyone in any conditions.

To use it in your life, you need more than just to be aware of its existence. Everybody need to create an attitude of positive thinking in everything you do, and never regret of mistakes. They learn us how to not make mistakes again

Give yourself reason that everything works, don’t force your bad personality to grow up!

When you apply for a new job and didn’t believe you will get the job, your self-esteem is low, and you considered yourself as a failure and unworthy of success. Actually, you have a negative attitude and therefore, you believe that the other applicants have more skills and better qualifications.

On the day of the interview, you got up too late, and discover that the shirt you planned to wear is dirty and the other one needed ironing. You are already late, you wear a wrinkled shirt and miss out the breakfast.

During the interview, you are tense, negative, hungry and worried about your shirt. All this, distract your mind and difficult to focus on the interview. Your overall behavior made a bad impression and did not get the job.

Positive Thinking – Guide To A Happiness

Positive attitude grew pleasant and happy feelings. This situation brings force to move on and raise brightness to the eyes, gives you more energy, and increase happiness. You walk with confidence, our voice is more clear and loud, and our body language shows the way we feel, the body is actually dancing. But the other condition makes the opposite. Positive and negative thoughts are contagious.

We affect to our environment with our behavior. This happens instinctively the way we are not conscious. Even negative people who have negative thoughts want to be around positive people and prefer to avoid negative ones. But hanging with positive people must show us how to learn, to be open, and listen about the process of changing.

Negative thoughts are the worst source to raise some thing good. In that situation, toxins are released into the blood, which causes a more worst situation to our brain. This is the way a failure, frustration, and disappointment grow and turn us to the abyss.

Positive Thinking Guide and Advice

In order to turn on to positive, some works are required from you.

  1. Read about positive, think about it, and try it. The power of your thoughts is a mighty power that is always moving your life forward. Even if the idea seems awkward to give it a try, you have nothing to lose, but gain.
  2. Ignore the other opinion about you, if they discover that you are changing the way you think, keep going your way.
  3. Use your imagination to visualize only favorable and beneficial situations, eve spends creative time with your mind only.
  4. try to use positive words in your inner dialogues, or when talking with others, even if is too hard. Remind yourself, you chose happiness.
  5. Smile. and enjoy with humor people.
  6. Once a negative thought stay until you let her go and replace it with a positive one. We are not robots and sometimes negative will turn back. We should learn that nervous and suffer from it won’t change your life to better. Only positive can make things better

Stay Positive and Happy with Essential oils

Negative attitudes kill our confidence, determination, and willpower, finally robbing us of our own prison.

There’s a lot of natural herbs and plants they function very well on that situation.

Basil raise positivity. Bergamot can calm and rich you with willpower. Clary Sage is used to maintaining positive moods, can calm and open your peace. Frankincense pushes the spirit and the mind.  Fennel is good for self-esteem and to turn off negative thoughts from other people as an influence., gain strength. Geranium  emotions supporter, clean frustration and irritability from your head and helps us to stay focused.

10 Diffuser Blends for Health and Happiness

  1. Happy Morning 
    •  Lemon 4 drops
    •  Joy 2 drops
  2. Afternoon Blast 
  3. Cheer Up 
  4. Relax
    •  Stress Away 4 drops
    •  Lavender 2 drops
  5. Joy and Pleasure
    •  Joy 3 drops
    •  Lavender 3 drops
  6. Knock Out Sickness 
    •  Thieves 3 drops
    •  Purification 3 drops
  7. Seasonal Sniffles
    •  Lemon 2 drops
    •  Lavender 2 drops
    •  Peppermint 2 drops
  8. Get Well Soon
    •  Melaleuca (tea tree) 3 drops
    •  Lemon 3 drops
  9. Odor Eliminator
    •  Purification 4 drops
    •  Lemon 2 drops
  10. Happy Home

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