INVOKE ABUNDANCE in Night of the FULL MOON! The ancient ritual!

Mental & Physical health

When the Moon is full, its energy is changing, and then, under the auspices of the law of attraction, it is the most precious of increasing affluence. The moon is a celestial body nearest Earth and therefore its effect on us most powerful. We all know that it affects the tides, but only think what makes the human body, which contains 72 percent water. Ask for more, invoke abundance!

Moon has the strongest influence when it comes to the stage, and when the young or pun. Full Moon represents the astrological opposition of the Sun and the Moon, a period when the Moon receives most light from the sun. Then you can see the moon shining in the night sky in all its glory.

Full Moonlight is pure energy

Everything becomes more powerful on the Full Moon. If we are in harmony with ourselves, a full moon will bring a lot of positive vibrations – the universe is always reflecting what we carry within ourselves. Although because of their strength in the health plan to make many imbalances and bring insomnia, Finance this energy is precious. It has been said that “careful” about what you are thinking during the day – could be achieved.

Full Moon we can bring very positive results if you use affirmations, prayers, meditation, and even for the healing process. Every energy in the universe we can use or constructive, or destructive way – depends on us…


Here’s how to use that energy to attract abundance … Ritual with a banknote. The easiest ritual is to take a note (preferably red). Raise your hand and wave it for a few seconds or minutes (according to feel) the moon while concentrated visualize and feel how your money multiplies. Then leave that bill in your wallet to “spend the night”.

The next day they spend. It should invoke abundance

Similarly, when the Moon is waxing gibbous (a few days after the full moon) watch the moon and visualize how your problems disappear decline. The power of faith, feelings, affirmations and visualization, the law of attraction and tools associated with the huge natural energy of the moon is a combination that really works.

Try it!

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