Your Guardian Angel Is With You! Learn How To Recognize His Message.

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Have you ever feeling that someone is watching you, even though you know that no one is around? How often the questions that you ask yourself mentally, you get an answer that yourself would not give? These questions, chances are you going to ask the therapist or psychiatrist? In fact, they often overlap with symptoms of schizophrenia, phobias, and any deviations in the neuro-mental state. But there is little difference between this and all your messages keepers – the higher forces. Are we speak about guardian angels?

A person with disabilities never perceives them so. If you feel fine interference in your world, should listen to these signs. Those who care for you on the other side will warn you, prompt, support.

Here are 6 signs that you give signals someone on the other side of reality:

You remember you dreams and they are very expressive.

The spiritual world is often sending messages through dreams. If your life is going to change, you can get a sign in a dream. This is the script, symbols, which you definitely will not go unnoticed. It is not necessary to seek clarification in the common dream books, so if you had a dream that rejoices all inside, or vice versa, cold shiver at the mere memory.

When you sleep, the astral world becomes available. All your beliefs are in reality, and you become more susceptible to other areas. Otherworldly nature (it’s your departed in the world other ancestors, creeds, depending on the religion. It is significant events that you will re-live in a dream or the people that you are very dear to their earthly manifestations) will be in the images that you remembered. All you need to do if you realize that this is a sign from above, it is better to formulate the intention to learn.

Your 5 senses are enhanced, you feel through the sense of smell, touch, taste, sight and sound of a real world.

Surreal will beep so that you understand everything the same. The smell or the sound could not be in this location, it may be the smell of a particular flower or grass, wax candles or individual spirits. This may be a ringing in the ears. You may notice your peripheral vision shapes and their movement. Do not be afraid, but continue to listen, be open and watch, asking questions.

Electronics and electrics start knocking. Signs from above or from a parallel world expressed as.

We are made of matter and electricity – waves that can be a link between our worlds. If your car will not start, but that’s all right with the ignition, it is likely that your strong guardian angel just will not let you right now in the way. Listen to the best song that played on the radio – associative perception will help you navigate – or point to someone who cares about you or the reason for such delays.

Afraid it is not necessary. In spite of the horror film with a similar plot, remember that the body may have the outlet, but the energy that connects you with some man who protects you from the outside – is eternal.

Do you feel an inexplicable knowledge?

Suddenly became clear as day the question that you can not answer.  It is also a sign of the flow of information from outside interference. Someone who protects you, take care of that influx opened to you. This is a care of your spirit guides and loved ones. Telepathy, or desire, coming from within, pushes you to do something, intuition. I call it what you will, but every time you ask for help, this force will provide you assistance in the form of tips. Just listen.

Shiver on your skin

They say that when we say something at random, is true, even if it is the very terrible assumption, you will feel the creeps, or chill on the back and spine. This is a sign that next to you the subtle world, which is ready to interact with you.

The signs are thrown into your eyes.

Have you ever thought about something, and by chance to receive a response in the form of a song or phrase sounded on the hood of an oncoming car. Matches characters sent to the other world, but make sure that you are on the right track. Attentive to your feelings, listen to the world around you, tune in to interact and reach out to you it will be much easier.

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