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When the frequency of the body drops below 58 Hz appear cold symptoms, candida shows at 55 Hz and at 42 Hz cancer. Every disease has a frequency. The level of acidity will cause certain microbes which mean that each microbe has its own frequency.

When it comes to the accumulation of toxic substances in the body, mainly through the food we consume, the body will begin to dispose of them first. Primarily in adipose tissue, which is used for waste disposal. If we eat too much industrial and cooked food – more body fat we have.

The tumor is a trash which we accumulate into the body. Body reject toxic substances and creates an envelope around to isolate the toxins. The body will not be cleaned from garbage until we take the poisoned food. Over 90% of energy is concentrated to digest large amounts of food and elimination of waste.

Cleaning Process

When we stop to enter the food at least one day, will begin cleansing the body. The body will be cleaned when we are on the raw food because they are not spending metabolic enzymes (fuel cell) in the digestion of food. Food digests itself with his own enzymes not destroyed by cooking. However, if we continue taking poisonous food, your body will get tired one day. Body system will start alarming clean spew mucus and debris cough, vomiting, diarrhea, sweating…

When viewed live blood, sees countless tiny bion, small particles floating in the blood, and from which arise microorganisms, which are also found in our blood. Yes, our blood is not sterile, but it takes a very complex process of metamorphosis of microorganisms. BION is the basic unit of life. They have generated origin with the sun, but to us is transmitted by solar light. It is located in the living matter, water, and air. In a completely healthy body, there is no transformation biona. In a sick body, when it comes to increased acidity of biona organism, digestion can produce different forms, first of pathogenic bacteria and acidic in the middle leads to the transformation of the fungus.

Toxin Concentrate

This means that due to the acidity of the body (due to poor food mostly) get biona transformation in microorganisms. Microorganisms will leave during the disintegration of large amounts of garbage behind, which will further burden the body. Are microorganisms to blame for our illness or the problem of acidity in the body.

When you take an antibiotic to kill germs, we will relieve temporarily a number of microbes, but the antibiotics – ANTI BIOS = Kill good bions. In that case, raise further acidify of the body and lead to a further transformation in microbes. The only way to stop the transformation of microbes biona in that the body is kept alkaline. Will something be alkaline (base) or sour depending on the degree VIBRATION frequency. Certain vibrations can be changed as well as being a form of accumulation or disintegration biona. All food has its own vibration.

Raising Body Frequency

So we know that the average frequency of the human body between 60 and 70 Hz frequency decreases when the immune system weakens. When the frequency falls below 58 Hz appear cold symptoms, candida at 55 Hz at 42 Hz cancer. Every disease has a frequency, the level of acidity which will cause a certain microbe- which means that each microbe has its own frequency. Substances with higher vibration will destroy the disease with lower vibration. So it is very important to any vibration food we eat, breathe and absorb.

Toxic substances reduce our body vibration:

-industrial food has 0 Hz,

-fresh fruit and vegetables about 15 Hz,

-dried herbs to 27 Hz,

—while essential oils have between 52 and 320 Hz as such the frequency of rose oil.

Our thoughts also have their own vibration so that the negative thoughts to lower frequency body and can lead to illness – until our good thoughts cure. Children have stronger defense mechanisms and are therefore often “ailing” and have a higher temperature than adults.

Elevated temperature is only higher frequencies at which many microbes can not survive.  When you’re sick sometimes you vomiting, sweating, have diarrhea… This is cleaning and detox process of the body. None of these methods of cleaning should be stopped, but only enable easier cleaning by taking plenty of sunny clean water, which will dilute the mucus to be without food for 2-3 days. Take fresh juices or just on raw food, breathe fresh air and relax (for the treatment of the elderly and children, contact the skilled artisan).

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