Feeling Lost? – Believe The Process, You’re Spreading (Expand) Yourself!

Mental & Physical health

Feeling Lost!

For those of you who have unexplained symptoms of physical or emotional pain, know that you are not alone. You feel lost, alienated, without any reason or cause? You are about self-discovery. Riding the wave of new energy. What you feel in this moment of transition – just one step of many on this great journey of ascent on a planet that progresses every second. Much of what you see in their world and in their own experiences is an illusion and does not match with what the heart knows to be true. It’s time to start listening to what he knows the truth and accept that you are now in a state of rapid expansion.

Spring Equinox (equinox) brought us waves of expansion across the globe. These changes are pushing people outside their comfort zone and it manifests itself in very interesting ways in human bodies and beyond.


Electronic devices and all the others can behave strangely. You can experience the unusual and unexplained delays, but everything is fine with the devices, the thing is your energy that is not grounded where it should. These are all signs of what is happening around you.

In the human body, unexplained symptoms, pain, and disease began to surface. Unusual templates sleep, altered biorhythm, changes in blood pressure, intense joint pain. Start headaches, changes in blood sugar and other diseases much harder began increasingly to appear. Although these symptoms seem to never end, they are not permanent.

The cellular structure now becomes restructured in the human body, in the process of purification and release mainly vintage frequencies. In order to clarify this energy, immune system and all other systems in the bodies are weakened. So that when the body appears to be in the condition of the disease, it is in fact in a state of purification.

Preparing For New Stage!

This is the only way we are preparing to launch the new energy coming to us next 18 months – the critical energy for the Earth in the next decade. If the body fails to make the climb, will cease to function. Every symptom that is happening to you, you can become aware. Do not run into a negative situation that you present your thoughts. They are a major cause of these symptoms, do not you think that you have to “fix” problems.

Focus on faith that everything happens in the natural course. Notice how you come in the header of the declaration, such as “hurt me”, “I’m sick”, “poor me” and change the focus to “heal” the “settlement”, “it is clear”. You are not broken, so there is nothing that needs to be repaired. Accept what is already happening, and run forward to meet the changes that lead you to your new “I”.


The reason why people feel separate, alone and without a sense of purpose did so because they still hold to the old programming. “Not sure”. “I’m afraid for your future or the future of my family”. “People do not understand me”. “The world is cursed” – these and other self-destructive thoughts that give energy are based on fear, not on reality. With practice and repetition, these templates can be a tear on a subconscious level, and then we can consciously create a new reality. Awareness of the subconscious is one. Other is conscious direction of attention.  Third is energy to what is what humanity is now making the transition.

The media and the powers of deception over society know to some extent what is happening while trying to massive manipulation of the mind, they are not succeeding at all. This creates, even more. Divisions between those who are expanded in the minds of those who have decided not to. Why? Because everyone stays true to its path and everyone will be there where it should be.


Many battles and fights were halted single change in our energy, all thanks to our attention which is directed more towards the heart. Lower vibrations are more sustained-release.Masculine energy is no longer occupies the throne of the earth like it used to. It’s getting harder to create only from the male energy, as so far the company involved.Female energy is grounded everywhere. Now surrounds the planet and allows mankind to cultivate and integrate experience on all levels. The most successful creators who go will still be those who pay attention to calming, opening and receiving information in a way that is allowed to pass through the filter female. Connect with your child in it at this time. Observe how children behave, you see how their energy manifests spontaneously, innocently, honestly. In them is hidden answer how to access life, a lot of people have forgotten this.

Appreciate and experience what is happening in your life right now, at this moment precisely. On Earth, takes place an exciting part of the history of the human and other species. We are part of the puzzle, and their willingness to change and inspire others to do the same. All the thoughts and emotions that lead to disconnection, fear, anger, loneliness are simply illusions. They need to be experienced and released them to see the truth. We are part of the big picture that is created every day, and everything is going all right, even when it seems not to go.

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