Essential Oils Mix – Anti-cellulite Treatment

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Anti-cellulite oil and treatment

***Jojoba oil,***Hazelnut oil***Apricot seed oil

  • All those oils deeply nourish and regenerate the skin
  • Stimulates circulation of blood
  • Stimulates lymph in deep skin layers
  • Enhances elimination of toxins from the human body
  • Diuretic effect contributes to better discharging of accumulated water from fat deposits
  • Lipolytic results – than mean: direct stimulation of melting of fat
  • Lift the skin and restores its tonus
  • Helpful in treatment of inflammatory processes which create fatty balls and „orange peel“ looking of the skin.
  • Very efficient in breaking the most persistent kinds of cellulite

Cellulite – the biggest unfriendly phenomenon of every woman

Cellulite is a woman nightmare. Even though modern women care about their looks, they can’t prevent the creation of fat deposits which look like „orange peel“. Cellulite is not an ordinary example of fatty balls who look very bad but it is almost impossible to be eliminated by any classic diet or eating regime. By decreasing the physical activities the body shall use fat reserves from your body, but cellulite will stay.

Cellulite is the result of problems in every woman and this problem cost you a lot of money to solve but shortly. Cellulite problem is a mix of dysfunctions in peripheral microcirculation resulting from retention of water and toxins in intro cellular space and accumulation of fatty tissue. That leads to degenerative changes on the skin. Skin begins to lose elasticity, becomes rough and painful and looks like „orange peel“, not smooth and definitely not silky.

Anti-cellulite treatment is very efficient by using the combination of the best essential oils. No side effects.

Anti-cellulite oil like every oil is easily absorbed into the skin which gives you perfect results. It represents a special formulation of essential oils of silver birch, lemon eucalyptus, juniper tree, lemongrass and sage, lemon, rosemary, mixed with some of the best oils for skin – jojoba oil, apricot seed oil, hazelnut oil. This is a combination of the most efficient natural oils which tone the skin, open the pores, lift the skin and reduce cellulite.

Active components of essential oils improve blood circulation in the superficial parts of the skin and stimulate microcirculation. This process is very important because of increased metabolic activity in the place where we applicate and resulting with cellulite reduce.  Effect on the skin with is gorgeous. All bad look will disappear.

Cellulite is the results of bad eating, too many toxins, salt and other radicals they result with bad cells metabolism.  Accumulated fats on the pelvic region (buttocks, abdomen, limbs) are going to happen for sure because of the most inactive part of the body are constantly in sitting position. Not only physical activity but also food, liquids, and massage is processed you need to avoid or solve cellulite problems.  All cellulite essential oils are perfectly saved to use for treating this occurrence. It’s saved for a pregnant woman.

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