Emotions That Lead To Breast Cancer. Try Holistic Gynecology.

Mental & Physical health

According to Louise Hay, one of the reasons why women get cysts and tumors of the uterus is the syndrome of “it’s all his fault,” while many women with breast cancer can not say “NO” and respect each other than the concept ITSELF. That type of emotions lead to problem. Read More about it. https://thetruthaboutcancer.com/emotional-trauma-cancer/

Stop Being trapped in your head!

Nurturing the pain that’s been giving from a partner, a returning all over to “old movie” (what happened to us) experience that hurt us. It fostering false hopes, eventually lead to gynecological diseases such as changes in the cervix, as well as tumors of the ovaries and uterus.

In a situation when a woman loves a partner and was suddenly abandoned, cheated, mentally or physically assaulted, there is a manifestation of the disease. Why? Because after many years they are not “recovered”. Will react in a more lenient or more severe form of “gynecological”.

Breasts are the physical metaphor for giving and receiving. In ancient times symbolized the abundance of nature and its ability to maintain life. Much of breast cancer is associated with the need for giving yourself. The main emotion in the background lumps in the breast and breast cancer are hurt, sadness and unfinished emotional problems associated with feeding and giving.

The feeling of guilt that we have because we can not forgive ourselves or others blocked energy in our chest. The risk of cancer is much higher if a woman grieving for someone who died. The same situation is if they lost their jobs or been through a divorce in the past five years.

Why problems with emotional life is so important?

Woman with breast cancer often are prone to self-sacrifice, are not able to receive the support of others, are able to give vent to anger or hatred. They tend to hide anger or hostility behind a facade of courtesy.  Have hostile conflict with their mothers, as well as the inability to establish good communication with female children.

Also, there is evidence that women with breast cancer who know they have valuable emotional support from her husband or others have heightened immune response. You need to know that is not an emotion that causes the problem, but it is the inability to fully express, release emotions and react to the situation is healthy and flexible.

Extremely stressful events in life do not cause breast cancer. At the risk of multiple influences the way in which one overcomes the problem. The heavy loss is an inevitable part of the life process for each of us. What helps is the insult without reservation, accept the situation and talk something greater than ourselves.

Also interesting are the places where the disease is placed – right side is male, the one from which we give and the left woman – one that we receive.

The left side of the body represents the female side of an art, and speculative, intuition, fantasy (the right hemisphere of the brain), and the right up analytical, rational, the male side (left hemisphere of the brain). Every woman needs to decide what it meant to her, but, as I have seen, most ovarian cysts were on the left side, which symbolizes femininity vulnerable.

Holistic Gynecology – Gynecology future

Not only holistic gynecology but all branches of medicine should foster individual approach to the patient. Patients should equally think of his physical and spiritual health. All this taken into account when a diagnosis and give treatment.

Thought pattern, “I am healthy, calm and happy,” like any other, immersed in a cell and becomes part of their chemical processes. Thus, cells and whole body begin to work on orders from the brain.

WILL amplifies this commandment, FAITH is permanently maintained, a prayer runs the power and energy of meaning.

Fantasy contains in itself the whole world, encourages progress and development are that of the spirit of life.

And the big Tesla said: “Write to Mr. Tesla played. He played all his life and enjoyed it. “

Successful people think affordable, build what is right, radiate joyful hope and expectation that they will eventually be all right. They are responsible, fulfilling promises, believe in themselves. Happy people are not afraid of failure and have no sense of self-pity. Actually they care about health, appearance and their offspring.

They are not selfish, envious, intolerant. Philanthropic are helping others, they are open to listen to advice and receive assistance. They believe in what they do. Despite a calm mind are full of enthusiasm, inspiring and easy to awaken to new ventures. Wishes they are smaller than the possibilities, and the possibilities of greater need. And manage rich are tailored to their desire, and they remain the most valuable permanently happy and pure before God.

A woman should first of all love yourself, take care of their personal and emotional needs. Being groomed, wear your beauty in the best way possible. Radiate love, joy and warmth (she is a true mother), be a guardian of the family because the family is the foundation of a good society. I always learn, to progress in a way that really suits her.

Wise man said: “Be who you are, just be total!”  Read: http://www.beliefnet.com/wellness/galleries/what-makes-you-happy-10-secrets-you-must-know.aspx

When it is difficult, but it is today very often, looking for possible exits, follow the “road signs”. Try to do everything in your power to make it better and somehow, you will feel yourself – it all starts again!


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