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The differences between a happy women and “always tired women”

Mental & Physical health

Two women – two relationships to life

There are women who spend most of their time glowing and they are truly happy. They, of course, have periods of sorrow and difficulty, but they are short-term and do not remain in their lives.

And there are women, many of us, who’s unhappy, unfortunately, always dissatisfied with something, often tired (if not always) and used to constantly overcome problems.

What are the differences between the habits and the actions of these two types of women? What must they do to feel happy and live in abundance?

Knowledge of her situation – where she goes

Women who love life and life love them, they always have their own way, plans and goals, they go along that path.

Women who are always tired follow others’ paths and make other people happy, the life for the environment. Public opinion is very important for them, and their own opinion has been built on MUST and SHOULD.


Women who love life and life love them, they have a great, positive, bright environment. Air (environment) around them is developing and optimistic.

In “tired women”, the environment consists exclusively of “victims,” the environment is problematic and always complains about life. It is common for him to regret one another, and it is not a joy to talk about joy “it will come true”.

Balanced self-confidence

Women who love life and life love them, there is no extreme: pride or nothing? Respect herself and understanding that good people are from the environment. Loved for her parents and a blissful woman for the close people. Easily shares the compliments and its joy.

For “tired women” – pride and arrogance either, or a sense of complete nullity are present often.

Relation by comparison

Women who love life and life love them, have a habit of comparing with themselves and developing individually.

“Tired women” have a habit of comparing themselves with others, or envying, or claiming that somebody else is worse.


In women who love life and life love them, there is no expectation and “must” in relation to others, she knows how to quietly ask and fully understand if somebody refuses her demand. She is used to meeting her needs in a healthy way.

“Tired women” have the habit of waiting for others to accomplish their needs. And if that is not enough, they are angry with them and they are angry and pretending to victims. Asking for them is humiliating

Do not forgive, but accept

In women who love life and life love them, there is no notion of forgiveness. There is a concept of accepting and understanding the other side. Nobody needs any forgiveness, simply everyone in our lives is looking at the world in their own way. Forgiveness means that there is the insult and in her life insult is not inherent to it.

“Tired women” have a habit of insulting, and then, at best, they spend a huge amount of power and energy in order to be forgiven in their inner theater. In this case, at every similar opportunity, you again visit your insult, the one who has offended them.

Facts and conversations

Women who love life and life love them, they are used to acting, not to talk and think in the empty. “You can’t use words to get out of the problems in which you put yourself in action”. They translate the problem into a task. They are used to thinking that everything is solvable, just need to find a way and resources. Or gain experience.

“Tired women” have the habit of telling a lot about what to do, and few important things to do. Postpone everything for later,

Be a woman

Women who love life and life love them, they are fully aware that they are women and that it is their resource and predestination. They care about themselves, makeup, sport – the power of will, wanting to be bright and alive – they do it daily, with pleasure and above all, for themselves.

“Tired women” have the habit of taking care of themselves in power, it’s like a heavy duty and if they do, they do for someone else.


Women who love life and life love them, have the habit in all life situations to take responsibility for themselves and their actions.

“Tired women” have the habit of shifting responsibility for their actions, feelings, and thoughts on others.

Relation to the past

For women who love life and life love them, it is common practice to extract the plus from experience. They learn about their mistakes and say to themselves: “It’s good that it happened to me, from what I got the conclusion, got it used, there are many pluses in every situation.”

“Tired women” have the habit of suffering for the past, denying the past. And if it was then, then I would now … Or it was gone, forget it.


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