CANCER KILLERS – Eat Chili Peppers And Ginger! Science Thuth!

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Science Prove Than Cancer Can Not Survive In Area With Cancer Killers (Chili Peppers and Ginger)

According to scientists, “American Chemical Society” compounds that have been found, capsaicin in chili peppers, and 6-gingerol in ginger reduces the risk of lung cancer when used together.

Researchers have known for some time that ginger and chili peppers contain a lot of healthy substances. These food contain many antioxidants, but new evidence suggests that when we eat these foods together can help prevent cancer.

Scientists believe that the hot pepper combined with ginger can help in the fight against the deadly disease. Previous studies have claimed that capsaicin, which gives his angry enough, can cause cancer. But the new findings suggest a pungent blend of ginger, 6-ginergol, can act against the potentially harmful effects of capsaicin.

Both, chili peppers and ginger spices are widely used, especially in Asian cuisine. Scientists have long studied their potential health benefits. However, some past studies suggest negative health effects of these spices.

Risk In Capsaicin!

Scientists have found that people who are addicted to spicy foods and eating a diet rich in capsaicin may have a higher risk of stomach cancer. But, the new findings provide more hope.

Researchers at the American Chemical Society found that ginger when eaten with chili peppers actually help in the fight against cancer. Two key ingredients like capsaicin and gingerol-6 connect the same receptor on the cells. The same one that is associated with the growth of the tumor.

For several weeks, the mice fed the researchers who favored with lung cancer or with capsaicin or only with 6-gingerol, or a combination of these two compounds. They found that these mice were fed only with capsaicin, is very likely to develop lung tumors.

However, only half of the mice that were fed the 6-gingerol have developed the disease. Surprisingly, the team found even lower percentage – only 20 percent – mice were given capsaicin and 6-gingerol and who developed lung cancer.

Future studies will focus on exactly how compounds act to reduce the risk of cancer, the researchers hope.

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