Are You The Brightest Spot In The Universe? – Self-awareness!

Essential Oils, Mental & Physical health

Do you respect yourself? Do you appreciate the masterpiece of your parents?

Many people feel unhappy by the fact that they believe they are not liked, not supported, they are not respected by others. Inside such a person does not support itself, not respect, does not take itself for what it is and expect that other people will fill it, will do it for him. The actions and words of others, they read the signs of contempt and rejection, as a reflection in a mirror.


We can’t see what is not in us. What we are filled, it is reflected in the outer world. If you are filled with poison – the world is toxic to you. You go to the prickly thorns into a dress and clatter of the world, no matter how gentle he was.

You put other people under his arm thermometer to check the temperature of your own body – who you are, what you are, are you good or bad, and sooner or later, make sure that no one knows.


The issue of self-acceptance is not that would allow them to be invisible, as many think, but to really get to know yourself, to know all of yourself and to recognize what gave you the nature, what from nature our parents do, and what you did with fact ,,what your parents do for you”? Without self-acceptance we can’t develop our self, because you can only develop what you know, see, feel, acknowledge.

True self – acceptance, as a reflection in a mirror, showing you the different world – full of love, beauty, kindness, generous. The man who have to accept himself it is capable of compassion. There is no love, no compassion in the one who denies himself and is not fighting even with himself.

From self-acceptance grows clear feeling the inextricable connectedness with the outside world, feeling a part of it, you experience being “in the right place”. And being in the right place, you will find everything that you need. Being connected with the world, and not fight with it, you can easily find the right person, actually people which are resources for realizing yourself and your life. In the struggle with yourself and the world, your options fall down – all your attention and energy is absorbed by the struggle.

Find The Way Out

Every person is a guest in the universe, they come and go after living as a guest in this perfect place. Everybody must try to find a way out from bad life and get rid of unhappiness. Everyone must realize that there is no escaping from misery and unhappiness – they are in the nature of death, that is, in the nature of life and the desire to live. Everyone knew it, is at a dead end: then what is all this?

Maybe we should understand this like a great pleasure to see, hear and embrace the loved ones, look at the sea, the moon and the stars, smell the flowers, feel the wind and the heat of the sun caressing your skin. Love yours and people’s life, no matter what’s in the past or what’s coming. Be aware of that we’ve done and what we didn’t do yet.

It is very important to use aromatherapy to develop your mental balance. Few essential oils are used to encourage self-acceptance.

Essential oils Therapy

Bergamot it’s one of top 5 essential oils. Helps to discover yourself caring about your emotions, bring confidence back, and release your mind from self-judging. This oil can bring back your faith, optimism and become a believer again. You can use a diffuser or inhale from the bottle. Be aware that this essential oil can be very photosensitive. Must avoid sun 12h when you apply on the part of your body.

Black pepper it’s a perfect solution when you’re fell like touching the bottom. You need a hand to get up and keep forward. When people hide and buried inside the bad thoughts, they must open the real feelings in front of the real people. Black pepper oil has grown your own confidence and help to overcome problems and find the new light in your mind. You can use on the bottom of your feet, two or three times daily.

Lemongrass oil cleans your emotions, release your mind and heal you step by step. It’s a perfect aroma  – I don’t think somebody does not love lemongrass aroma. The energy you get open your positive thoughts and grow your positive hormones in your body, so you can feel adrenaline flow throw your veins. Lemongrass oil gives you a new environmental area to find the hidden optimism deep inside. Few drops massage on your liver (anger part of the treatment), kidneys (associated with fear) and feet bottom. If your skin is too sensitive mixed with a carrier oil (olive oil or coconut oil).

Be Here For You

White fir oil help to heal the believing in ourselves and the others around us. The believing system in our body it’s fragile. Basically filled with toxic energy that flows inside our brain. Let’s broke the chains. Apply few drops over lungs and feet bottom to fell the energy of this essential oil.

Thyme oil helps you to release and forgive with his emotional power. Also, you can feel the loving power of your mind. Mix few drops of a carrier oil and massage the bottom of each foot.

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