AEON Protection With Jewelry Stones And Crystals

Mental & Physical health

 Stones Have Protective Power 

Many stones,  crystals, and precious metals give their metaphysical energies to keep people aeons protected. People had golden amulets from the ancient period  to modern times. Amulets are made from special stones and crystals to perfect jewelry.

The lists here are not all-inclusive. They are compiled from traditional and modern information about protection with magic knowledge with crystals and stones. We classified precious stones to find the easy way to present what you need.

When you already wear jewelry, wear one that heals. Jewelry with semi-precious stone is beautiful, but it is also extremely useful. You know that the amber necklaces parents buy for children when they grow teeth that they alleviate pain. It is also effective to every person, regardless of age. Each stone has its own operation and way of wearing.

Familiarize yourself with these details and straight to the purchase of jewelry:



The bright blue and bright green, transparent stone. The ancient Greek people revered this stone as a symbol of purity, love, and for the protection of marital happiness. Aquamarine special healing respiratory diseases, as well as bronchitis, asthma, lung disease and pain of the throat and vocal cords – prepare hot water of aquamarine with chamomile and lemon. Water from aquamarine cleanses the skin of acne and pimples. Also known as the stone of courage and daring. Encourages rapid intellectual responses. It gives peace, soothing communication and protects the aura. Protects the heart, immune system, bones, liver, stomach ulcers, spleen, neck, kidneys, nerves, and spine. Calming the nerves and heart, relieves depression, regulates emotions, the confidence, and stability of character. Outstanding for meditation. Married and partnership aquamarine stone is that love is stronger and deeper and in the most difficult periods.

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Shiny, transparent, violet, highly prized stone is good for strengthening the endocrine and immune system in the body. Strong cleaner of the blood and energy producer. Helps with mental disorders, against migraines and stress-induced tension. Under the pillow, amethyst brings peace of mind and protects from nightmares. Activates connective tissue and helps the skin to maintain moisture. Water amethyst not only nourishes the skin, but also purifies the glands and pores from clogging and can be used as a tonic for cosmetic purposes. Amethyst is working on the eyes, diabetes, epilepsy, blindness to color, fat, hormones, headache, stomach ulcer. Improves concentration has a calming effect on the heart and nerves, reduces the passion, insomnia, and strengthens self-esteem. In meditation strengthens intuitive abilities and clairvoyance. Protects against false friends who simply do not occur.


Blurry green stone with silver or gold dots, shiny glass. By wearing the skin heals skin allergies, acne, and sores. Alleviates hair loss, blossoming hair, dandruff, and rash, and strengthens the hair. The water from aventurine is good for soothing the eyes with overuse. In addition to the baths, healing back pain. Combined with rock crystal healing allergies. It relieves chronic inflammation of the colon and its associated stabbing pain or diarrhea. Indigestion, flatulence, and frequent congestion also soothe and heals. Aventurine relieves psychosomatic disorders and fears, especially those originating from the first seven years of life. Supports independence, joy, humor and cheerfulness, a negative force turns into a positive attitude towards life. Programs to increase prosperity and money. It helps in keeping the real friends in a faithful friendship. Aventurine clean energy under the water and we fill in the sun.


Shiny, transparent, yellow, green, purple crystal, often striped in different color shades. Strong, healing stone. Clutter leads, in turn, increases mental ability and concentration. Encourages the spiritual and psychological integrity and development, truth, protection and brings peace. It helps in addressing mental blockages, strengthens awareness. A great influence on the health of bones and muscles. It’s good for cleansing the aura and promotes healthy self-love.

Rock CrystalRock crystal.

Rock crystal is one of the most sacred stones, if not the most sacred of all. It’s like a stone adjustments for all healing stones and because of its strong, but at the same time gentle vibrations penetrates to a large number of organs. His special healing properties lie in preventive, cleansing and healing action on the veins, blood vessels, and coronary arteries. Use for the treatment of various diseases, a system energy balances. It works on eyes, cataracts, blood cells, bleeding, intestinal glands, adipose tissue, heart, hormones, blood flow, lung, lymphoma, leukemia, nervous system, digestive system, vitality. Stimulates the brain and enhances concentration. Removes negativity from the energy fields around and it makes it unbeatable for protection from harmful space radiation. Clean emotional blocks, increases sensitivity, safety. Outstanding for meditation.

lapis-lazuliLapis lazuli.

The Egyptians believed that the stone Lapiz Lazuli is a “Stargate” (star-door). Bring’s truthfulness, openness, to the inner power, intuition, creativity, virility. Strengthens the mind, body and increases the Consciousness and spiritual connection-evolution. It helps to organize everyday life and employ a restless mind. Helps to build self-confidence, brings increases love and fidelity in marriage. It is connected to the fifth and sixth chakra, be incredibly helpful to talk exactly the right things. Lapis is a good protector against physical and psychological attacks. It is useful for sinuses, headaches, nervous system, speech problems, pituitary gland, pain relief.

Quartz PinkPink quartz.

Known as the stone of love, brings gentleness, tolerance, forgiveness. Soothes helps detoxify the accumulated rage, jealousy, fears. Replaces negativity with harmony. It works on the fourth chakra and the area of the heart, circulatory system, the kidneys, rejuvenates and regenerates the skin. When programmed for weight loss gives excellent results. It’s good for insomnia and protects against harmful radiation underground, and is a combination of such operation is ideal for the bedroom. The stone that you must have! Preventive effect of thrombosis and heart attack. Healing and regenerative action on the blood, pink quartz affect sufficient nutrition blood cardiac and pulmonary system. Rose quartz – massage combined with water from rose quartz, accelerates cell growth and skin regeneration. Under the pillow, rose quartz alleviates depression and disturbances in sleep. They are very good protection against radiation – rose quartz fist optimal radiation protection computer.


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