7 Spirit Poisons – Almost Everyone Who Is Unhappy In Life, Is Because Of Them!

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Position and expectations create a reality – and now cognitive science confirms that also. What poison people spirit?

Recent studies have shown that people who believe in themselves and use positive speech. Actually use more of the brain and have greater strength to overcome obstacles.

And there is research that shows that we get more than others when we believe in them, writes portal The Law of Attraction.

So perhaps it is no surprise that most dissatisfied people are dissatisfied, for the same reasons:

Because they have poisonous expectations that create a negative reality.

There are expectations that usually disrupt life and reduce the chance, along with tips to overcome them.

Opportunities will show themselves without reason – First Spirit Poison!

Although all the forces trying to connect with their intuition and spot signs of the Universe (God), that does not mean we should give up the active search for opportunities. Due to the expectation that you will all environmental best able to easily serve, might be very limited and are left at the mercy of other people’s whims.

Instead, accept that a certain degree of hard work essential for almost any kind of success, and then run and take what belongs to you!

Here are some tips to find opportunities:

– Generally in life, be curious,

– Occasionally – try new things,

– Meet people outside your field (and in other countries/cultures)

I should like them all – Second Spirit Poison

The raw truth is that you will never like them all, no matter how much you might like it. However, the good news is that in most cases. It will be the history of others, fixation, and insecurity that prevents them from seeing the best you have to offer.

When you stop to expect that you will all like it, you will lay the foundation for meaningful relationships and a gradual realization of trust and respect. You’ll also avoid a bunch of unnecessary grief.

Life will be fair – Third Spirit Poison

We’ve all heard that life is not fair, but even if we know that in theory, it can be very difficult to accept. On a subconscious level, many people still expect that everything will balance out and just sit and hope that this will happen.

If you expect to do things on their own documents, it’s time to take a more proactive stance and set up on your feet after you have met with obstacles in life. Ask yourself what you can do to really make a difference and stop focusing on the belief that you have bad luck.

People can read my mind – Fourth Spirit Poison

This expectation is particularly problematic in romantic relationships, but it can cause problems in all areas of life. Basically, if we assume that people will always know what you’re trying to say, you will not try to explain, but the result is that you will be very misunderstood. In order to increase their communication skills, put ourselves in the place of another person (both intellectually and emotionally). What does she think about what you’re trying to say? What additional information does it need in order to understand you correctly?

Other people should get along with me – Fifth Spirit Poison

This is a tricky expectation – you deserve to be taken seriously and that people listen to your ideas. However, try to remember that things that are obvious to us can look the completely different person with a different history, which has a different value. It is often more productive to accept that there could be more than one correct answer on a controversial issue and shift your attention to the more important question? How to find a compromise so that everyone’s basic needs are met.

How to find a compromise so that everyone’s basic needs are met.

Material goods will make me happy – Sixth Spirit Poison

Of course, there are things that make life easier, more fun and enjoyable. However, do not fall into the trap and start to believe that it will lead to the accumulation of cases of true happiness.

What brings us pleasure and emotionally fulfilling life is not material gain, a lot of people instead of useful self-reflection says things like: “I know that I will feel good after you buy a new car / new house when you gain more money.”

“I know that I will feel good after you buy a new car / new house, when you gain more money.”

Material goods will not be able to make you happy if you can’t find their true meaning if you don’t live in accordance with their values and don’t really know yourself.

I will not fail – Seventh Spirit Poison

Finally, as noted at the outset, if you expect failure, then all you’re doing is pure preparation for disaster!

Far better to accept that sometimes things go well and sometimes not, adding this assumption that you can always learn and grow from the things that you interpret as a failure.

However, you will succeed after you invest some effort, using techniques such as affirmations and visualization to maximize your belief.

As the above-mentioned studies show, this will increase your chances of getting what you want.

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